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Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave!

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Oh what tangled webs we weave!!

I have been dropped as a speaker for the Mayor’s consultation on economic development on January 22. The reason given, of course, is that having the Green Party candidate participate might seem like a political endorsement. I was invited before even I knew I would run, so logically having me speak cannot be seen as an endorsement, but I guess the organizers don’t think people in Sudbury are logical!

On one level it is flattering – the organizers are really saying my presentation at the Mayor’s event could be so impressive that the other candidates would be seriously disadvantaged. In that case, taking me off the agenda is an endorsement!!!

The alternative might be to invite the other candidates to present their original thinking on promoting Sudbury’s development. But that would even worse. I have spent years studying how to promote the local economy. That is why I was invited and not Glen or Andrew or Suzanne, or even Paula. So not inviting the others is an endorsement!!!

It isn’t a serious problem for me – I save a few days of hard work preparing material for for the event. I miss a chance to contribute as a professional economist to the City’s strategy but I suspect the organizers will ask me to contribute later or in private. That is an endorsement too, isn’t it?

the whole thing is kind of comical when you look at it carefully!

Anyway, the organizers are trying to appear “fair” and “balanced.” That is good, and I respect that. They also know that they are probably losing my contribution just for the sake of appearances. That is not so good. I suspect I won’t do as much work for the private session: they have given me a fairly clear signal that they care more about appearances than content.

Did they make the right decision? Are they being responsible or just a bit chicken? Did they have a real problem or did they create a real problem trying to solve an imaginary one?



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