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Sudbury’s Andy Lemay on Geothermal

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From Andy Lemay, retired Energy Analyst for INCO:
It is a known fact that the deeper you go underground the warmer or hotter it gets. Ask any miner. For example during the winter miners leave the outdoor temperatures of around zero, minus ten, twenty or sometimes minus thirty degrees Celsius to work underground where temperatures could rise to well above zero to even plus 30 degrees Celsius.

Heat from the earth is referred to earth energy or more commonly termed geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is very plentiful, renewable and has the potential to offset the huge quantities of fossil fuels. The mining sector especially Sudbury’s mining cluster is very well positioned to develop this underground energy.

Economically, development geothermal energy can keep hundreds of millions of dollars in the community rather than out to pay for fossil fuels, provides jobs and as just importantly reduce mining energy costs and provide another valuable mining product. Environmentally, geothermal is green and renewable.

Geothermal energy is innovative, clean and, using an often coined phrase, “the way of the future”.



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