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Election Day Reflections

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Sitting at home on election day I can’t help wondering whether our campaign was a success. I know I didn’t manage to keep the key issues front and center – there were a few distractions….you may have noticed.

I ran because I thought the other parties were not acting on climate change, and that the candidates for those parties didn’t have a clue how to respond to the problem. I thought I could help educate voters and candidates.

But did the campaign convince the other candidates? I didn’t see any sign that the candidates were listening. Suzanne spoke out against a carbon fee, lining up with Paula, who was absolutely rabid. Glenn was just mealy-mouthed and showed he didn’t even know what was happening in his new party.

Did the campaign change the public view, even a little? What do you think? Did we make any progress in our quest to get Sudbury and Queen’s Park to price carbon? Did we win support for the best method for pricing carbon?

And what should we do next? I am looking forward to your answers.


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