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Getting the Carbon Fee & Dividend Message Out

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So here is a question for you. For all intents and purposes I am the local expert on methods of pricing carbon. As an economist I know that a Carbon Fee and Dividend is the best way TO START to deal with the threat of massive climate change. So how do I get the message across here in Sudbury?

Kim Campbell was accused of saynig that an election is no time to discuss important issues. She didn’t say that, so I spent the last month in a by-election arguing that action on climate change has to be a priority for the government of Ontario. I’ve been explaining to everyone who would listen that the best approach is the Carbon Fee and Dividend. (It didn’t seem that the Liberal, NDP or Conservative candidates had any interest in the topic and it was clear they didn’t understand the economic issues invovled.)

Now that the election is over, how do we take the right solution a big problem to the people? Do you have an idea? Do you want to help?

Do you have a service group, club, highschool class, church group or Chapter of Muski Canada that wants a speaker? Could you set something up? I promise to entertain and inform.

How about organizing a back-yard tea party or beer session once the weather warms up? I’ll bring a six pack!. (or tea). What else coud we do?

People usually llike the idea of a Carbon Fee and Dividend once they understand it. It is simple, it is pretty nearly painless, and it is much better than the alternatives. Discussions can be lively.


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