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What ISIS Wants

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I gave a short speech about Bill C51 on Saturday. A couple of people have asked for copies. Here’s the speech: Tell me what you think.

What ISIS Wants:

Thoughts on the Occasion of a Demonstration against Bill C51, March 14, 2015, at the Sudbury Courthouse.

David Robinson

Bill C51 is a big success. Let me repeat that. Bill C51 is a success.


ISIS doesn’t like our free society. I agree with Mr. Harper about this.

ISIS doesn’t like the freedom we have, the religious tolerance, the multi-culturalism, the secular society, the feminism. ISIS doesn’t like the kind of Canada we have.

ISIS wants to change us.

But it can’t do that itself.

ISIS needs us to make the changes. ISIS needs us to give up or freedoms. ISIS needs us to give up our trust of our neighbours, our privacy, our confidence in ourselves.

ISIS needs us to be afraid.

Mr. Harper is doing what ISIS wants with Bill C51 – he is making us afraid. He is doing what the terrorists are doing: He is spreading fear. He is making us less free.

Mr Harper is being manipulated by ISIS. He has been suckered into introducing legislation that does what ISIS wants: it takes away some of our freedoms, it takes a step in the direction of a police state. It probably even angers some alienated young people and helps to radicalize them. I think Bill C51 will create the home-grown terrorists that Mr. Harper says he wants to fight.

I wish we had a leader who would call on our strength and our trust in each other, on our inclusiveness and our confidence in the Canada we have now. I wish we had l leader rather than a scared little boy for a Prime Minister.

In 2011, when Norwegian crazies killed 77 people – and they were crazies – and we have crazies of our own – the Norwegians didn’t start giving up their freedoms. They stood together. And went on being a free and generous people.

We can do the same. We can live the way we want to, we can smile at each other, we can hug each other. We don’t have to give up the Canada we know because ISIS wants us to.

Let’s just trash this bill.


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