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Some Thoughts on the Upcoming Federal Budget

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With a federal budget coming out tomorrow it is tempting to say something about the comedy routine from the Finance Minister. This is a government that is about to announce a “balanced budget” for the very first time. For some reason it feels it needs to bring in legislation that requires every future government to balance every future budget. The psychology is very like the old puritans who were so totally obsessed with sex. They insisted on telling everyone else to stop having wicked thoughts.

Actually, I think this is really an attempt to create a poison pill for the next government. The Conservatives added $118 billion to the debt. They overspent what they have coming in this year, and even sold some of the furniture. They are trying to make sure the cupboard is bare for the government that takes over. Strategy teams for both the Liberals and the NDP know that, if they form a govenment, they will open the cupbobard and find nothing but more bills. Then they will have to go to the press and say, “Its a much bigger mess than we thought.”

And maybe Joe Oliver can put his nice new running shoes to real use – running away form the mess he has made.


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