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Renewable Energy Innovation Needs to Overcome Political Fossils

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Warning: long title and lots of names:

Mr Harper seems to think that the transition to a carbon-free energy system has to wait for new technology. He obviously hasn’t read “100% clean and renewable wind, water, and sunlight (WWS) all-sector energy roadmaps for
the 50 United States.” by Jacobson, Delucchi, Bazouin, Bauer, Heavey, Fisher, Morris, Piekutowski, Vencilla and Yeskooa.

The keywords in the long title are “roadmap,” “100% clean” and “50 United States.”

The article published in the journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry this month shows exactly how each state in the USA can get completely off fossil fuels by 2050. They show how it can be done with current technology, saving $260 per person per year in the USA on energy, saving 46,000 lives a year, and possibly $1500 per person in health and climate adaptation costs for the US government.

Maybe Mr Harper doesn’t read serious science like this. Maybe he thinks Canadians are not as innovative as Americans. Who knows? The real point is that while he fishes for votes on destroyers in the Black Sea, the state of the art – what the serious thinkers are talking about – has left him far behind. Our Prime Minister is a bit of an intellectual fossil.


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