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Join Me In a Northern Climate Coalition

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Here is a challenge for Paul Loewenberg and Paul Lefebvre: join me in a Northern Climate Policy Coalition.

# Commit to leaving fossil fuels in the ground.

# Commit to decarbonization by 2050.

# Commit to a carbon fee and dividend.

These are no longer radical propositions. They are technically feasible and economically practical. They are also widely accepted.

Today, for example, Hillary Clinton set a goal of installing half a billion new solar panels within her first term, if elected. Her plan would cost roughly $60 billion over 10 years, and she intends to pay for it by cutting tax breaks to the oil and gas industry. According to The Guardian, “Clinton has promised to make the issue of climate change a key pillar of her campaign platform.”AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJjAAAAJGUxNzcwMTkxLTRhZjItNGFkMC05ZTQ5LTcxNjBjN2E1YjUyNg

At the moment both the Liberals and the NDP are running to the right of the American Democratic Party on the issue of climate change. I imagine that this is fairly embarrassing. It seems to me that all of us in Northern Ontario would rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. The problem at the moment is parties representing the majority of Canadians have choked on Climate policy.

We can change that together. If you join me in a Climate Coalition you will look smarter, you will be representing Sudbury voters better, and you will be giving a signal to your party leader that they can come out of the climate closet.

You will be able to gang up on Fred Slade on the climate issue. You may be able to neutalize the Green party on an issue you are very weak on. It is a win-win-win for you.

Its a win for me too, because I want Sudbury represented by a politician who understands what we need to do. Whoever wins I’ll be sure we are making progress.



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