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CBC Turned Me Into A Canadian

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To quote first Corinthians 13:11, When I was a child I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. I lived in a pretty narrow world. When I was young man I worked on construction projects and drove my second-hand VW bus to and from work. I listened to the radio going both ways and stumbled on a station that talked about politics, art, people and places from across Canada.

This Country in the Morning was one of my favorite shows. More than any other, it made me feel I wcbcas part of a community that stretched form sea to sea to sea. Peter Gzowsky was the host, but there were others, including Don Harron.

CBC gave me a sense of the country. I say it made me into a Canadian because it introduced me to what Canadians were talking about. There were so many passionate Canadians from all walks of life – politicians from all parties, artists and musicians, historians, novelists, people who rode bikes in strange places. I came to admire other Canadians and to share their inteersts and their feelings.

Remember the 1958 song “To know him is to love him” by record producer Phil Spector? (I had to look that up) …. It was a Billboard hit for the Teddy Bears. The ear-worm line by lead singer Annette Kleinbard was, “To know, know, know him is to love , love, love, him,…” I think that line also applies to Canada.

The country has problems, episodes to be ashamed of, inequality and injustice and it is still a country that we can love and do love. But we have to get to know it, and CBC helped me get to know Canada.

I know Mr Harper hates the CBC. I think it is probably because he doesn’t really like the country that I have come to know and love. I am encouraged by the fact that the parties of the majority of Canada all want to stop the Harper cuts. The Greens and the NDP want to “reverse the cuts.”

I agree with the commitment to “stable and predictable core funding.” In fact I want more funding for the CBC because I believe that the CBC has helped create the Canada we love.



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