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Glenn Thibeault: Forget his Ethics, Focus on his Competency.

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The Energy Ministry may be the most important part of Kathleen Wynne’s government. It will be a key player as Ontario navigates the choppy and uncharted waters of climate change. Lives – millions of lives around the globe – depend on it. It is a complex portfolio, demanding a solid understanding of the very large and technical electricity generation system. The Minister has to understand the science of climate change and the economics of the tax system. It is a huge responsibility and it takes a lot work just to wrap your head around the issues.glenn-thibeault-toronto-sun

Glenn Thibeault is not up to the job. He is a nice enough guy, with a vague commitment to doing good. He does not understand why cap and trade will fail although I explained it to him during the election and wrote a brief to his government afterward. Now that Provincial Auditor Bonnie Lysyk has said pretty much exactly what I told him during the election, Thibeault’s only response is that he hadn’t had a chance to study Lysyk’s report yet. Glenn has had plenty of time to get the facts straight. Instead of doing his own thinking, he is just going along with the gang.

It is unfortunate: the Ontario cap and trade system is a disaster, as the Auditor General points out. By the time it was implemented expert opinion had moved on. The majority of the economics profession had already decided it was a bad approach. The government stuck to a carbon-pricing bible that had been written 15 years earlier and had already proven to be apocryphal.

Faced with facts, Glenn again professed his faith in the plan. “It’s the best way to reduce greenhouse gases and monitor costs, and see those prices come down,” he said. This is wrong – wildly wrong. It is actually irresponsible to say things that are so wildly off base. Glenn is out in the fields sowing confusion and lies, (I didn’t say he is lying – just that he is repeating lies) when he should be in his basement studying.

Glenn has shown he doesn’t understand the electricity market. Now he has shown he doesn’t understand cap and trade. He has to step down as minister for the sake of the Province. The post he holds is far too important to leave in the hands of a man who is so hopelessly in over his head.

(apocryphal: of a story or statement of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true.)



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